Koh rong samloem Arial View

Looking for island vacation destination?

Consider Koh Rong Samloem in Cambodia.

The clean beaches of the smaller island suffer substantially less of the noise and light pollution that has become a problem on the sister island due to the extensive construction work as well as the all-night bars and party music that blasts out to attract the budget travelers dancing through the night

Koh rong samloem resort
There are many resort, Bungalow, Guest house follwing your preference.


Koh rong samloem Arial View
Koh rong samloem Arial View


Koh rong samloem resturant
There are many pubs, restaurant with great music for night activity.


Koh rong samloem beach
Amazing way for sun bathing at the beach.


Koh rong samloem resort
You can also choose high-end resort.


Koh rong samloem bugalow
AC Pipe room, if you are interested.
Diving, Fishing, there are much more to do.



Koh rong samloem
Shallow water, white sand .
It will be a memorable holiday for you.


koh rong samloem map

Let’s give it a try.