KT Vral Media

KT Viral Media is a digital media and entertainment group based in Asia.

Our vision is to be a source of entertainment and knowledge for worldwide a in their pursuit of happiness and our mission is to make every interaction with us an awesome experience.


Our KT Viral brands range from:

KT viral joke

KT Viral Joke:  Our partner site dedicated specifically to provide you daily funny image, funny video to keep you relieved from boredom.


KT Viral Travel:  Travel blog/guide will provide you the recommendation to your next vacation. Explore the beauty of the world.


KT viral tech

KT Viral Tech:  Our Tech News Site will update you the latest innovation, technology, gadget.


KT viral tip

KT Viral Life tips: Our partner site dedicated to online education shall enlight you not only the knowledge but also the source of inspiration as well as life advice toward success.

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